There are three ways to search for a location on the map: property identification number (PIN), property address, or street intersection. Click the radio button of the type of search you would like to perform, then enter the PIN, address, or intersection into the search box, and click the button with the magnifying glass to do the search.


  • PIN (either 10-digit or full 14-digit) – 17094610150000
  • Property Address – 69 W Washington, Chicago
  • Street Intersection – W Washington St & N Dearborn

The results of your search will be displayed in the left sidebar. Click on the desired result and the map will zoom to that location. For a property search (PIN or address), the property characteristics will be displayed in the left sidebar.

Property Characteristics

For each property, Assessment Information is displayed in the left sidebar. Below the Assessment Information are additional tools:

  • View more data layers - opens a check list of many additional map layers that can be toggled on and off
  • Compare this property to others – opens a new window pane in the left sidebar that allows you to specify any combination of comparison criteria. Once the comparison criteria is set, click “Find Comparable Properties” and a list of properties will be displayed in the “Results” tab and the location of those properties will be displayed on the map. Click on a property in the list to display summary data and zoom to that property location on the map.
  • Select parcels within miles – enter the number of miles for which you would like to select surrounding parcels. Then after you click the “Select” button, the tool will select all the parcels within that distance
  • Launch Oblique Aerial Tool – opens a new tab that displays the aerial images from a 45 degree angle view. You can browse these aerial photos from Overhead, Looking North, Looking East, Looking South, and Looking West
  • Launch Assessor Website – opens a new tab with the Assessor’s website displaying information about the selected property
  • Launch Property Portal – opens a new tab with the Property Portal displaying information about the selected property
  • Print Property Info – allows you to print all the assessment information for the selected property along with a small map and a photo of the selected property on a single page

The measure tool allows you to calculate an estimated area, distance or XY location. Once the desired measurement type and measurement units are selected you can click on the map to find your measurement. As you click on the map you will create a vertex for the line or area that you want to measure and when you have finished drawing the line or area you want to measure double click and the final measurement will be displayed in the tool window.

Select Parcels

Use this tool to select one or more parcels at a time. After clicking Select Parcels, click and hold the left mouse button to draw a box around all the parcels you would like to select. The list of parcels will appear in the left sidebar. Click on each individual address to get more details about each parcel.


Click the print tool and follow the dialog to print a copy of the displayed map into an Adobe PDF file.


Clicking Layers opens a check list in the left sidebar of many additional map layers. Click the button to the left of a data layer to toggle the layer on and off in the map.

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For Plat requests or for other recorded documents:
Please call the Cook County Recorder of Deeds at (312) 603-5050

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